Life Update: A Sailor’s Life For Me

Ahoy my lovelies!

Turns out that sailing the crystal clear Bahamian waters was a little too good to give up quite so soon. I’ve extended my sailing trip by 2-3 weeks and will be sailing back to Florida from the Bahamas (hard life, aye?).

My internet connectivity has been mediocre at best on the yacht, so I apologize for my recent radio silence. I’ll do my absolute best to keep all of you updated over the next few weeks.

I’m posting as many Instagram stories as my internet connection allows, so make sure to follow along!

Life Update: Sailing the Bahamas & SoBe Part Deux

Well hello, my darlings! It’s been a crazy few weeks, to say the least! I’ve gone from partying it up on South Beach beach in Miami Florida all the way to Denver, Colorado where we had everything from snow to t-shirt weather.

If you watch my Instagram Stories you may recall my “man voice” posts for a few weeks. Well, the altitude in Denver made me go straight from the airport to urgent care. Turned out I had bronchitis the whole time!

Now I’m all healed up (and sounding like a female again) and heading out on another trip or two. This next one is near and dear to my heart because it includes knocking an adventure off my bucket list – can you guess which one?

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