Raden Review: a Smart Suitcase for the Savvy Traveler

How many times have you had to sit on the airport floor after stalking fellow passengers for their wall outlet to charge your phone or tablet? Or arrived at the airport unaware you were about to pay for extra-heavy baggage? Or arrived at home with damaged souvenirs thanks to a crushed suitcase?

Well, times have changed friend! Raden is the perfect smart suitcase for the the jet-setting girl or guy on the go.

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Update: It’s A Wanderful Life

After 6 days in Miami, 7 days in Denver, a month and a half sailing the Bahamas, and 3 more days traveling Florida’s east coast, I’m finally back at my Florida home-base for a few weeks.

I’d like to start by apologizing for my radio silence while sailing the Bahamas. Since it was my first time on a boat, I didn’t anticipate not being able to charge my computer and not having solid internet access. 1 bar of 3G isn’t enough juice to push posts through the interwebs, though it was enough to push through some Instagram stories (thank god)!

Now that I’m home, you can rest assured that you’ll have rapid-fire blog posts and Instagram photos about all of my experiences over the last 9 weeks.

From luxury hotels, to late-night Miami parties, to discovering Denver’s foodie-culture in blizzard conditions, to an outdoor Bahamas sailing adventure, you’ll surely leave inspired to set out on your next trek.

So, what’s next? Before heading out of Florida for the summer, I’ll make one more trip to Miami to hang with my best travel blogger gal pal Claudia Da Silva of The Claudia Chronicles for a girls’ spa weekend.

After that I’m off to South Carolina to kick off exploring the Southeast United States on some very new and exciting outdoor adventures (think low-country boating, hiking, fishing,  #yachtlife). Since I’m the least outdoorsy person I know, I suspect there will be quite a few comical posts coming in the months ahead.

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