If You Write It, They Will Come

Note-Taking Blog Post

Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered that anyone can become a workaholic when you love what you’re doing.

Researching this blog and travel adventure has given me life again. I find myself in an almost OCD-like frenzy plugging away on my keyboard at all hours, and I like it. No, I love it. I’m excited. I’m excited for the research, I’m excited for the blogging, I’m excited for the travel. I’m excited for it all.

In this whirlwind of a week I discovered that I’ve created 7 lists on OneDrive. Suddenly it dawned on me that these lists could easily be turned into blog posts; everything from budget lists, to trip plans, to types of backpacks. That is one of the points of a blog, right? To compile all the information for the readers, so they don’t have to do it themselves? Yaas!

Without giving away all the goods about my backpacks post, I will give you a rundown of how to go from research mode to blog post. I’m a natural-born list maker. I get it from my mamma – she too was a list maker. When I see things in list form all of my anxieties drift away.

Lists make things manageable.

Since almost all online stores offer reviews before purchasing, most of us do our due diligence before making purchases. What I wanted to avoid was double research – you know what I’m talking about. You look at one backpack, then the next, then the next, then back to the first – “No wait, it must have been the other one…” We’ve all been there. And this, my friends, is why we need a list!

As I mentioned in my last post, you can use Microsoft Excel for free through your browser. The easiest way to keep track of all your research is to put it into a spreadsheet. “But I don’t know how to use Excel!” It’s ok! Use your notepad, use Microsoft Word, use whatever program you know- hell, use a pen & paper.

I like Excel because it keeps everything nice and neat for me. This may seem elementary to some, but I never thought of list-making as an easy way to start a blog post until a few days ago. I’m sure there are others out there in the same boat. Here’s how!

I started by picking out 4 backpacks, all of which have 5-star reviews online. One by one, I added a column in Excel for what I want to know about each backpack to make an informed decision: brand, model, cost, pros & cons. For example, a pro could be that a particular pack has a padded waist belt; a con could be that the laptop sleeve is towards the front of the pack instead of the back of the pack. This method can be used when writing about almost anything. 

Once it’s all written out you can easily compare, contrast and make an informed decision. Easy peasy! Now, how do you turn this into a blog post? Think of it like a book report. You make the outline, then you write the report. In this case, you have all the info – just put it into paragraph form; or even just caption some photos in slide show form. How you present the information on your blog is completely up to personal preference, but after the list is made the rest is quite simple.

Please keep in mind that I am by no means trying to teach blogging 101- I’m a travel blogger remember? BUT, I had a difficult time getting started, so I figured I would try to lend a helping hand to those of you also trying to start.

Get ready for some more –very basics – coming soon!

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