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If you’ve ever read my About page then you know I’ve had the travel bug since my first trip to Europe when I was teen. I’d traveled around North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, but I hadn’t made it back to Europe in years – but why?

Flights were so damn expensive (notice how I said were)! That’s why! In the months before deciding to create GlamTrekker, I started seeing Norwegian Air all over the web, promising discounted flights to Europe. “It has to be fake,” I thought to myself. “How could this be possible?” Being the obsessive researcher I am, I decided to dive into the depths of Google to find out more.

Yo — It’s real! Discount flights to Europe are popping up all over the place. We now have Norwegian Air, Aeroflot, XL Airways (Air France’s discount airline), and Wow Air. Now, don’t start picturing yourself relaxing in a full-recline seat sipping champagne on your way to Spain. Nobody is going to be rolling out the red carpet for you with these flights my love.

These are discount airlines. Your flight cost will get you there, but there will most definitely be added costs. You’ll need some travel gear to make your trip more glamorous too (look out for my upcoming post on my must-have travel gear).

The general rule of thumb for extras are an in-flight meal, drinks, snacks, a seat reservation (otherwise they assign you a seat), blanket, pillow, etc. – all the fluff.  Some of these discount airlines include a checked bag and some don’t (make sure to check the dimension and weight requirements or you may get slapped with a big extra cost). Don’t get me wrong, these airlines are still going to be less expensive than the major US carriers, but you should be aware of the extra fees in advance.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’d rather splurge a little on my lodging than on the mode of transportation. Not all the fluff is necessary. The extras I would suggest are a seat assignment and a checked bag if you need it. I’m usually lights out by take-off, so I detest getting stuck with an aisle seat – having to wake up every time my neighbor has to tinkle. No me gusta.

Without ruining my upcoming post on travel gear, there are a few items you can invest in to make your jet-setting more comfortable. Personally, I can’t travel without my blow-up neck pillow (which deflates down to almost nothing), eye mask, earplugs, and my travel blanket. Sleeping in a bright  and loud middle seat while shivering is not my idea of a nice flight.

It’s also good idea to pick up a meal or snack in the terminal instead of purchasing a meal on the flight. You’ll get more bang for your buck and it will most likely be more tasty than airplane food. Just make sure to pick a meal that can safely sit at room temperature and isn’t stinky. Don’t be that person – just don’t.

Happy travel dolls!


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