Nice Little Saturday: Brunchnado

Big Breakfast, Benson's NYC

Big Breakfast, Benson’s NYC

Hey dolls! How fast did this week go? Jeez Louise. I capped off my week on Saturday morning with what I’m now referring to as Brunchnado. My dear friend just moved to New York City from Florida, so naturally we had to hit up one of Manhattan’s coveted boozy brunch spots.

After my usual research (beast-mode) I decided on Benson’s NYC down in the Lower East Side. For those of you who aren’t familiar with New York, the LES is rich with history and creative types. There are countless small restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and more. I know some tourists feel like they need to stay in Midtown when they visit, but please, please don’t! Midtown has less culture than any other neighborhood in Manhattan (#sorrynotsorry). Venture out more than 15 blocks from your hotel and you won’t be disappointed! Promise.

Brunchnado kicked off with a Mimosa toast to congratulate my friend on finding his first NYC apartment! Round 1, the Big Breakfast, did not disappoint. You’ll get 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and spinach with mushrooms. We opted for double bacon instead of sausage. Then there’s the presentation. I mean come on, this board was just begging for me to snap a picture.  Everything was delicious, but that bacon – that bacon was memorable.  It’s thick cut and cooked to perfection. I’m usually an extra crispy person, but this place did thick cut right. Try it.  Do it. Right now.

Steak Flatbread & East Harlem Tacos at Tavern On The Green

Steak Flatbread & East Harlem Tacos at Tavern On The Green

The first mimosa made the decision to start Brunchnado very easy. Next up was the famous Tavern On The Green. Located in iconic Central Park, Tavern is also a historical landmark which was built in 1870 to house sheep. Many years later we have this beautiful restaurant serving up fresh American cuisine.

Somehow it seemed obvious that lunch should happen immediately following brunch, so we strolled through Central Park towards Tavern, and ordered a glass of wine and some appetizers- Steak Flatbread and East Harlem Tacos (pork shoulder with salsa roja). Delicious.

This was my first time in Tavern On The Green and I completely understand it’s allure now. It’s gorgeous inside. Sadly my focus was on the table in front of me, so I didn’t get any design photos, but you should definitely check out the interior on their website. There also aren’t many (if any) restaurants in Central Park, so this place is very unique. That being said, you pay for this prime luxe atmosphere. It’s a gem for special occasions though!

Cocktails & Bar Snacks at The Rose Club

Cocktails & Bar Snacks at The Rose Club

Brunchnado comes to an end at The Rose Club in The Plaza Hotel. You know, the Home Alone 2 hotel! One of my favorite things about classy joints is that you get free bar snacks (because clearly 2 meals in 3 hours wasn’t enough).  Since I am a gal on a budget, I don’t frequent bars this expensive, but again it’s nice for special occasions. Plus, who doesn’t like feeling fancy once in a while?

We hit this spot during off-peak times, so it was a great quiet place to discuss the day and catch up. I love an excuse to go to a hotel bar because you can always count on having a plush chair to sit in, something glitzy to look at, plus plenty of people watching. Who knows? You might even spot a celebrity.

Lastly, I will leave you with a shot of my view from our table at The Rose Club. The bar overlooks The Champagne Bar, which is another watering hole in The Plaza Hotel.  If you ever want to feel fancy and have a few cocktails, both of these places will fit the bill!

Chandeliers at The Champagne Bar

Chandeliers at The Champagne Bar









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