Blogger Update: Plan To Change Your Plan

Plan To Change Your Plan

As a natural-born planner, the hardest thing for me to do is veer off course of a well thought out plan. But guess what? Life happens! Things are always going to come up that you didn’t plan for. A lot of unnecessary anxiety can be completely bypassed by going in the with right mindset. Plan to change your plans!

Working my way into the blogosphere has been uphill climb (I still have a LONG way to go), and the plan I have now is completely different from what I started with. When I jumped into this world head-first I never imagined, nor could have imagined, the roadblocks I would hit.

For starters, how could I grow social media accounts for world travel without spending money to travel? My original plan was to stay in New York City and save money so I could quit my job and travel next year.

Now, if my goal had been only to travel for a year I could have stayed on course. Since my goal is to eventually monetize the blog, growing a social media following in the right niche is crucial. That meant that I couldn’t save as quickly as I had planned because most of my cash-flow is now going towards travel.

Once the first roadblock comes up you have a trickle-down effect. Now I am traveling, growing my social media accounts, and blogging – 3 things I wasn’t sure I had the motivation to keep up 6 months ago – BUT, my life-goal savings account looks less than stellar. How am I going to travel long-term if I have to keep working in New York?

Ergo, I have to change my plan – my whole plan. I could get frustrated, say it was all a dream, and give up. Or I can pick myself up, dust myself off, and go back to the drawing board! It’s all about perseverance! Hell, even Oprah was fired early in her career, being deemed “unfit for television!” That producer was wrong AF.

You never fail until you stop trying. – Albert Einstein

So, the best advice I can give you when you’re reworking your plan, is to take it one step at a time. Instead of being overwhelmed I broke down each problem, solving one issue before thinking about the next.

The next issue that trickled down for me was that I probably wouldn’t be able to monetize the blog as fast as I originally had hoped. Even if I could, I shouldn’t plan on it.  It would be a damn shame to see all of this work I’m doing fizzle out because I only saved enough money to support myself for one year.

So now I have no life-goal savings and no new-found income sources on the near horizon. So what is a gal to do? Job hunt! Not just any job hunt, a remote job hunt! Reading a slew of other travel blogs made me realize that there a  bunch of remote jobs these days – remote meaning, “work from anywhere.”

I have a bunch of newly honed social media skills, years of customer service experience, and a  degree in graphic design. I’m hoping this trifecta will lead me to a wonderfully flexible remote job that will help me soar towards my end goal. #digitalnomad4life  Ha!

I promised you guys I would take you with me on this journey, step by step, so there it is! One last tip for today – use the internet!

People know the internet is there, but most people don’t use it to it’s potential. The internet is an incredible resource that we are lucky to have. I get asked so many questions about how I formulated this plan, how I found out about remote jobs, how I stay motivated, how I learned to make a blog, etc, etc, etc – look it up. Google will show you the way!

And with that, I bid you adieu.

Have a beautiful day dolls!



2 thoughts on “Blogger Update: Plan To Change Your Plan

  1. Ray says:

    Have you considered getting jobs on the road instead of just staying in an expensive city, like NYC? For example, a friend of mine was able to sustain himself for a few years in Central America by teaching PADI certification courses in Honduras. Another friend of mine decided to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea for a year and all you really need is a University degree for that! Australia, England and Ireland are all well known for very liberal Working Holiday Visas, as well.

    • GlamTrekker says:

      I am actually looking for a remote job now! I’m not willing to give up my fur-baby (my cat, Sophie), so I need a job that lets me go back and forth often. All of those options would be great if I didn’t have her – I’d probably end up teaching English in Asia! Hopefully I’ll find something remote soon that will give me the flexibility I need to really grow the blog!

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