Raden Review: a Smart Suitcase for the Savvy Traveler

How many times have you had to sit on the airport floor after stalking fellow passengers for their wall outlet to charge your phone or tablet? Or arrived at the airport unaware you were about to pay for extra-heavy baggage? Or arrived at home with damaged souvenirs thanks to a crushed suitcase?

Well, times have changed friend! Raden is the perfect smart suitcase for the the jet-setting girl or guy on the go.

Never fight for a wall outlet at the airport again. Featuring USB charge ports, built in scale, location tracking, and more, Raden’s smart suitcase will glide you straight to the gate with style.

With a hard high-gloss outer shell, Raden will ensure that your souvenirs are never crushed by baggage handlers again. It has a sleek design, is offered in 7 different colors, and even includes a waterproof zippered seal with built-in combination lock.

The lock will keep your valuables safe, while still allowing TSA access with their special key if necessary. Unlike traditional zipper suitcases, Raden can’t be easily pried open because of it’s inside-out zipper design. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to lock my luggage again!

On the top of this smart suitcase you have an extendable handle with several length options, so whether you’re petite or tall, you’ll be able to choose the perfect handle-height for you. On the bottom, Raden boasts polyurethane tires that allows savvy travelers to glide it around 360 degrees with ease.

This is actually my first suitcase with 4 wheels, and I have to say I wish I’d switched sooner. The days of kicking my 2-wheeled suitcase back on track are over! This baby glides smoother than a bicycle.

Inside, Raden thoughtfully offers a travel pack with eye mask and earplugs (which are my #1 carry-on essentials), 2 compression compartments, and a zippered pocket perfect for toiletries. This smart suitcase is definitely #winning in the organization department.

Now for what everyone came for – the tech! My least favorite thing about airports is having to stalk people to find an open wall outlet for charging – well, stalk no more! Raden included not one, but two USB ports that holds enough juice for 4 full charges.

As if the USB ports weren’t exciting enough, Raden included some really awesome app-assisted functions too.

Have you ever had to pay an insane baggage fee because you packed a few too many pairs of shoes?  Or stood staring at the baggage carousel for a good 15-30 minutes waiting for your suitcase to come around?

With Raden, all you need to do is download their app to your phone, turn your Bluetooth on, and viola! No more overweight bag surprises and no more staring contests with the baggage carousel.

To weigh your suitcase, lift it from the top handle, and the weight will show on your Raden app! Your app with also let you know when your suitcase is coming around the carousel thanks to Bluetooth technology.

I’m so excited to be able to share all of Raden’s awesome features with you. I’ve been eyeballing this gorgeous smart suitcase since it came out, so I couldn’t be happier now that I finally have one of my own.

I opted for the Hunter Green carry-on size, but Raden offers two sizes of smart suitcases – the A22 Carry-on size and the A28 Check-in size. Both sizes offer the same great features, so whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or a 2 week safari, Raden’s got you covered.


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