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Costa Rica Game Changer

Travel can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. My first solo trip was a 4-night stay at a 5-star hotel that totaled around $4,000 by the time I checked out. Flash forward to my 2016 trip to Costa Rica, which topped off around $1200 for 4-nights at a 5-star hotel.  HUGE difference!

So, what did I do differently? I knew that if I wanted to travel more than once every 4 years, I was going to need to cut costs – big time. My first step was to scour the internet to find the best travel sites and search engines available. That’s when I found It was like the travel gods shined their light down on me! <insert singing angel sound effect> The first thing I noticed was their “Everywhere” search. Game. Changer.

I don’t know about all of you, but I used to browse through the “bargain” section of travel sites to plan where to go. Most of these deal pages just show a handful undesirable destinations (think beach vacations during hurricane season), which always resulted in me choosing random places to search for flights anyway. And then Skyscanner entered my life.  Go on, take it for a test drive. You know you want to.

This site broke the mold of traditional travel sites and built a full on travel search engine. The “Everywhere” search will inspire you to travel to wondrous lands that a lot of people would never think to search for on their own. You plug-in your departure city, travel dates, and then enter “Everywhere” as your destination. Skyscanner then takes the reigns and pulls up prices for destinations all over the world on your travel dates. No more random location picking for this gal!

Besides this amazing feature, I’m sure you’re wondering what else Skyscanner has to offer. This search engine scours over 1200 partners globally to find you the best deals on the web. Since they partner with airlines and travel sites directly, they have more options globally.

On top of that, you’ll never have to enter your credit card information into their website. After your flight search, you’ll be directed straight to the airline or travel site to book. In this day and age, the less companies that hold your personal information, the better. I really love booking directly – Skyscanner FTW!

If you prefer searching for great flight deals through an app, you can download the Skyscanner app here. The app offers all the same great features as the website, but makes maneuvering on a tiny phone screen a little easier. Now, hop on and see where you’re traveling to next!


Stunning sunset view from breezy Ocean City, Maryland. Get out and explore!

Stunning sunset view from breezy Ocean City, Maryland. Get out and explore!

**I have partnered with Skyscanner to spread the word about this fantastic travel search engine. Please note that I will never suggest goods or services that I don’t actually use myself. I’ve used Skyscanner for years; long before I even had a travel blog. It’s really great!

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