NYC Birthday Steak!

Club A Steakhouse

Last week I was lucky enough to dine at Club A Steakhouse to celebrate my brother’s birthday. This place just oozes class. Nestled in Midtown East, this steakhouse boasts sultry red hues, dark wood, and low lighting that pairs perfectly with live jazz music and big juicy steaks.  They even printed  special menus that said ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top for us!

I’ve been to a fair amount of  top-rated steakhouses in the city,  and this one is definitely towards the top of my favorites list so far. The steaks were cooked to a perfect medium-rare, all the side dishes were excellent (we tried them all), and they had a great choice of wines to boot!

I love that they top all of their steaks with little plastic cows stating the meat temperature too. It was nice not having to guess if everyone got the right steak (come on, you know you’re never really sure). Some people might think it’s tacky, but I thought it was a nice touch.

Nothing bums me out more than when you have a delicious steak with mediocre side dishes. Not a problem here – this place had the best of both worlds! You need to try their maple and lemon charred brussel sprouts – it’s non-negotiable. They are to die for! I could swear their mashed potatoes were laced with truffle oil too… So. Freaking. Good.



Best Croutons (& Pizza) Ever

Cheese Pizza, John's Pizzeria Bleeker Street

Cheese Pizza, John’s Pizzeria Bleeker Street

Hello my lovelies! I just had to share my trick for the best croutons ever. A few days ago I went to John’s Pizzeria on Bleeker Street, my personal favorite pizzeria in Manhattan. They also have a 2nd place off of Times Square that fills up 3 stories of a refurbished old church. Both have fabulous pizza, but I love the feel of the eclectic cobblestone Bleeker Street place. Luckily we had 1 slice leftover, which inspired this post!

The goal of this blog is definitely not cooking, but I do enjoy cooking in my free time and I noticed that there aren’t many posts about how to use leftover pizza as croutons. Whaaaaaat?! This is my absolute favorite way to use leftover pizza. It will take a plain salad from 0 to 100.

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Nice Little Saturday: Brunchnado

Big Breakfast, Benson's NYC

Big Breakfast, Benson’s NYC

Hey dolls! How fast did this week go? Jeez Louise. I capped off my week on Saturday morning with what I’m now referring to as Brunchnado. My dear friend just moved to New York City from Florida, so naturally we had to hit up one of Manhattan’s coveted boozy brunch spots.

After my usual research (beast-mode) I decided on Benson’s NYC down in the Lower East Side. For those of you who aren’t familiar with New York, the LES is rich with history and creative types. There are countless small restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and more. I know some tourists feel like they need to stay in Midtown when they visit, but please, please don’t! Midtown has less culture than any other neighborhood in Manhattan (#sorrynotsorry). Venture out more than 15 blocks from your hotel and you won’t be disappointed! Promise.

Brunchnado kicked off with a Mimosa toast to congratulate my friend on finding his first NYC apartment! Round 1, the Big Breakfast, did not disappoint. You’ll get 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and spinach with mushrooms. We opted for double bacon instead of sausage. Then there’s the presentation. I mean come on, this board was just begging for me to snap a picture.  Everything was delicious, but that bacon – that bacon was memorable.  It’s thick cut and cooked to perfection. I’m usually an extra crispy person, but this place did thick cut right. Try it.  Do it. Right now.

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